Growing a ‘Greener’ Future

We proudly use a ‘nothing is wasted’ approach in our business – in other words we reuse and recycle our by-products to create various beneficial ‘green’ products. This cycle, with a carbon positive footprint, provides a platform for us to expand our future business activities and products.

With the increasing demand for renewable energy, we’re working to introduce additional revenue streams into our business by improving the efficiency in our usage of bagasse and molasses – both valuable by-products of our sugar milling process. This will enable us to deliver prosperity to our stakeholders but also contribute to an environmentally sustainable future and the international shift away from fossil fuels.

Bagasse is a biomass which fuels our factory boilers, enabling us to produce enough renewable energy to be completely energy self-sufficient across our operations…and provide the excess energy, generated from this process, to the national electricity grid.

Molasses is also a biomass. Typically used as supplementary stockfeed, molasses also has increasing value as a feedstock for biofuels.

Our 20-year Diversification Plan incorporates a number of promising projects that will add value to our sugar milling products and by-products. Cogeneration, biofuels, yeast, citric acid and amino acid are just some of the projects set to grow a greener future for our business and our community.